MediTec Lab of Excellence was inaugurated at TUMS

Opening ceremony of the MediTec Lab of Excellence took place at TUMS School of Medicine’s Skill Lab July 2019.

With the presence of TUMS Vice-chancellor for Global Strategies and International Affairs, Dr. Ramin Kordi, TUMS Director of International Relations, Dr. M.H. Nekoofar, dean of School of Medicine, Dr. Shahriar Nafissi, and some other guests from TUMS, MediTec Lab of Excellence was inaugurated in July 2019.

A presentation about MediTec, performed activities and future pathway of the project were given to the audience and photos of different stages of the project implementation were shown at this event.

In this ceremony, it was declared that students at Tehran University of Medical Sciences are already working on designing endoscopic, laparoscopic, and acupuncture processes simultaneously with students from Sharif University of Technology.

In the End, MediTec leaflet were distributed among participants and a few group photos were taken as memorial of this event.

It is good to know that MediTec is one of the Erasmus+ projects which TUMS has participated in. MediTec project will support and modernize the medical education in Jordan, Iraq, and Iran by establishing innovative training centers with immersive medical learning platform and realistic simulation models in order to improve the practical and soft skills for students in medical education in Jordan, Iraq, and Iran.

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