The Workshop on “Emerging Technologies in Medical Education” was held at TUMS

​MediTec workshop on “Emerging Technologies in Medical Education” hosted by TUMS Virtual School was held from August 31 to September 21, 2020. European and non-European MediTec partners from Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Malta, Jordan, Iran and Iraq attended this virtual event. In addition to MediTec partners, this workshop hosted participants from India, Lebanon, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, and United Kingdom.

The workshop was included online webinar series and asynchronous courses at TUMS LMS calls NAVID.

Two days before the workshop, participants will receive their usernames and passwords of TUMS’ LMS ( During the workshop, 16 lectures by national and international speakers were presented and 3 LMS activities were performed. Participants, not only had access to workshop study guide and useful introductory presentations, but also got familiar with Iran and TUMS. During the workshop, related materials and slide presentations were uploaded in the LMS. In addition, there was the chance of participating in a forum for further discussion. At the end, all participants received their certificate of attendance online. It is worth mentioning that

144 Persons attended the workshop.

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