The MEDITEC Network –  a Network of Opportunities

 The MEDITEC Network aims to open a wide range of opportunities to facilitate exchange of good practices between the members through the MEDITEC portal and twinning procedures in order to promote transfer of knowledge between its members, to encourage the submission of common proposals and development of projects between the members of the network, and to assist in the establishment of MEDITEC best practices.

The MEDITEC Network members obtain numerous benefits to grow, share, learn, and modernize: the chance to exchange good practices between the members through the MEDTIC portal and twinning procedures and to promote transfer of knowledge among its members, to access a transnational forum of discussion in Higher Education, to participate in common actions between the members of the MEDITEC Network, such as: seminars, submission of proposals and development of projects, submission of publications in scientific journals and scientific conferences, and to participate in training workshops to be held under the theme of using advanced technology in Higher Education.

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