The Project Work Plan

WP#Activities and tasksEstimated start  and end DateDeliverables and Outputs
WP1Review, State of the art and Network between partner universities15-10-2017 to15-07-2018   WP1: Preparation and State of Art
WP1.1Project start up activities     Task 1.1
WP1.2Studies for the needs of students, doctors and teachers     Task 1.2
WP1.3Prepare operation plans for the training on innovative medical technology  
     Task 1.3     or Click here

WP2Purchase of training equipment and training materials15-03-2018 to 15-08-2018
new date: 30-01-2019
      WP2: Purchasing Equipment
WP2.1Delivery of technical and didactic equipment       Task 2.1
WP2.2Hardware installation and adjustment of software      Task 2.2 (see the video)
WP3Training and integration the training program in teaching system15-11-2018 to 15-10-2020    WP3: Training and Developing    
              Training Materials
WP3.1Studying of EU experience by mobility of staff and students  
WP3.2Develop training programs for the training on innovative medical technology        Task 3.2

Improvement of training methodical complexes on base of modernized training and Training of


        Task 3.3
WP3.4Integration the medical training program in study programs at the universities     
       Task 3.4
WP3.5Development of multimedia approach and manuals for modernized training  
WP4Quality control and monitoring15-10-2017 to 14-10-2020

     WP4: Quality Plan

WP4.1Quality control, monitoring and budgetary control    Task 4.1
WP4.2Monitoring of the development process   
WP4.3Expertise and quality control of developed methodical training and manuals  
WP4.4Project task supervision, result evaluation and reports.  
WP5:Project Dissemination, Exploitation and Sustainability15-10-2017 to 14-10-2020 WP5: Dissemination Plan
WP5.1Publication of information on project  activities via Internet    Task 5.1

Carrying out  workshops, conferences  and seminars, internal and external disseminations


    Task 5.2
WP5.3Distribution of project documentation material  
WP5.4Training sustainability in long-term perspective, update  
WP5.5Cooperation networks and funding       Task 5.5
WP6Management of the Project15-10-2017 to 14-10-2020      WP6 :Management Meetings
WP6.1Coordination meetings        Task 6.1
WP6.2Controlling of the project activity, Monitoring and evaluation of results  
WP6.3Reporting and control of the budget  

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